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Bleeding Ears iPod

In ordering computer books for the library I was looking forward to the arrival of Chris Seibold’s Big Book of Apple Hacks. I didn’t really find much in there to improve my MacBook – which I already love as is. … Continue reading

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Scholarship and Libraries in Transiton : A Dialogue about the Impacts of Mass Digitization (Shorthand Notes)

Most of this has already been covered here (first post, reverse chronological), here, and here. Offical Symposium Weblog – the webcast should be available soon…I’ll post here when it is… With the copious amounts of documentation available there, why should … Continue reading

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Favorite Geek Manages Media

First of all, a little update on the state of the mouth – since I’ve received a few inquiring emails relating to my somewhat alarming description: Splintered Jaw. The mouth has seemingly healed itself. I am no longer suffering any … Continue reading

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Still Hacking

While scrounging through the internet for information on why I wasn’t able to get this or that to display, sorting through innumerable pages of IE hacks – I came across one page with a little bit of advice: (somewhat)The last … Continue reading

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Then, coming back down to earth – I managed to regress to an ass so fast that I could feel the epidermal layers peeling away from my face as I dove like a meteorite headfirst into stupidity with a comment that I now wholeheartedly regret. Continue reading

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